As early as he can remember, shoes were Marc's passion and his joy. He was born into an American footwear family and raised in a world of shoes. As a child he watched, listened and discovered. What works. What flatters. What lasts. He studied the art and business of shoe making from the bottom up and has created best selling collections for many leading designers for over 34 years.

A true global citizen, Marc is as comfortable on the streets of Paris, Florence and London as he is in NYC. Obsessed with his form of cultural anthropology, Marc studies style from the ground up. This has informed amazing taste and appreciation for timeless & chic over shiny & new. This appreciation of everlasting style is in everything Marc makes. This is what he believes is modern, this is what he believes is forever new.

Marc believes he has the best job in the world and describes it simply, "my job is to make shoes women love to wear every day, I just want them to look down at their feet and smile".